February 8, 2011

Martha Martha Martha!

Martha Stewart is painting our walls.  Ok, well, not THE MS, but her paint is going to be on our walls, close enough, right?  At our condo, we used some Martha colors from Lowe's a few years ago to jazz up a wall in our kitchen (No.2 Pencil Yellow), half bath (Wading Pond-a deep blue/green), and master bath (Vintage Map-a very light Tiffany Blue/Green).  I was saddened when Martha left Lowe's for Home Despot, but decided I could venture in since I really had no choice.

One Sunday afternoon, I dragged Ben to HD to gather paint chips. This is pretty much any guy's worst nightmare.  I made sure to time my trip on a Sunday when Ben wasn't interested in the 1:00 or 4:00 NFL game, but it was still difficult to get him to go.  I may have bribed him with Qdoba...

Anyway, we pulled a ton of chips and one of the brochures including smaller chips of all the colors. Martha is so clever, she included little icons on each chip so you know which ones go together.  I'm hoping this will give a rough idea of how the house is coming together.

Kitchen Walls:

Goose Down- A very light gray in person.

Laundry Area (which will be curtained off but is in the kitchen)-wait for it...-

Bergamot-It is much redder in real life. The kitchen chairs are also going to get a coat of this.

Cabinets and all trim in the house:

White with a little bit of 'life'. Obviously I have watched entirely too much HGTV.

Hallway to dining room and dining room above chair rail (bottom will be talc):

Living Room:

Family Room Walls:


Beams and Fireplace:

Whew...that's half the house....bedrooms and baths are still slightly up for debate. We have to try to match some paint to the existing tile and that is proving difficult.

Guest room:

Morning Fog-hopefully not what you would experience as a guest at our home.


Master Bedroom:

Yellow Gerbera

And there you have it. Our complete house in paint chips (except bathrooms). Let me know if you're willing to wield a paint brush!

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Avid Reader said...

I love the shades you picked, esp the Goose Down and Bergamot. The green for the hallway looks almost exactly like the color I painted our library. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.